SAP and Confluent Cloud Integration within minutes
SAP and Confluent Cloud Integration within minutes
SAP and Confluent Cloud Integration within minutes
  • SAP & Confluent Cloud Integration Within Minutes

    Streamline your data integration process between SAP and Confluent Cloud effortlessly with Onibex One Connect. 
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Real-Time Data Integration Made Easy

Onibex One Connect enables the transfer of data from SAP ECC or S/4Hana to Confluent Cloud. This enables the ingestion of both historical and real-time data, which can then be processed using any of the available Confluent sink connectors. By establishing this connection, businesses can efficiently transfer data to other applications, databases, and analytics platforms, ensuring that the information is always up-to-date and available for real-time endless use cases. 

Unlock the Power of Confluent Cloud Integration

Data Streaming
​Connect SAP & multiple sources of information

Onibex One Connect’s seamless data streaming integration with Confluent Cloud allows you to effortlessly connect and synchronize data from SAP & various sources. Say goodbye to manual data handling and enjoy a streamlined flow of information, ensuring real-time data availability for your critical business processes.

Real-Time Alerts
Monitor critical alerts and triggers

By integrating SAP with Confluent Cloud, you can enable real-time alerting capabilities. This means you can monitor critical events and triggers in your SAP system instantly, allowing you to respond quickly to potential issues or opportunities.

API Integration
Publish API in a click

Onibex One Connect’s seamless API integration with Confluent Cloud simplifies the process of connecting your applications and systems. Reduce development time and complexity, enabling your teams to focus on deriving insights and value from your data, rather than grappling with integration challenges.

Robust Security
Simplify Data Connectivity

Confluent’s robust security features combined with Onibex One Connect ensure the utmost protection for your data. With encrypted transmissions and stringent access controls, you can trust that your sensitive information remains safe from unauthorized access and potential threats.

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